In Blue Object – apartment in Kyiv, 80 m2. Style – minimalist (minimalism). This interior is intended for modern, active (???) girl (woman), whose apartment is the place, where every line and shade of surface should create (form) necessary atmosphere for its owner. This is (a unique) place for relax, recovery (renewal) and inspiration. The main goal of this design project was to save the totally open space feeling. That’s why in the flat the maximum number of zones are combined (united): kitchen, living room, hallway… and even bedroom. Only several sliding doors separate the sleeping zone from the living room and kitchen. And when they are closed the sleeping zone becomes a full surprise for the guest in living room. The most importantly – sleeping zone realize its everyday function – becomes/transforms to (???) a little cozy world of relax for its owner. Therewith it was necessary to relay (??) client’s love of certain colour spectrum: shades of gray, gray-beige, blue and dark blue colours. Also we could not deprive attention a wish to use marble. We covered all floor in apartment and walls in bathroom with this noble material.