AP_1 Object – apartment. Style – minimalism. A distinctive feature of lots of our interiors – united, transformative space. That is what was important for our customer, who has set the task to make the kitchen and living room in one piece and two separate spaces simultaneously. So when developing the design we decided to put a glossy sliding door with graphite shade. It should be noted, that there are two main design vectors in this interior – glossy and wooden surfaces. Floor covered with wood, painted black. Filing-cabinets and shelves are made of light oak with beautiful texture. If you look carefully on it, you can find new lines, patterns each time. One of the very original objects – wooden coffee table in the living room. It stands out both with the form and saturated caramel color. In the color scheme of the interior willing customer’s shades are dominated: from the color of the ocean sand to the caramel, from pale gray to graphite shade and deep black.