B_Project Object – apartment. Style – minimalism. The design of this apartment was created for a family, who likes to keep up with the times and embody fresh and extraordinary ideas in various spheres of life. The same approach was employed during the transformation of the family nest. That’s why not only the design of this living space, but also its facilities conceived in the spirit of technologic avant-garde – we have implemented a system “smart house” with full sound insulation and ventilation. Installation of the ventilation system entailed the need to make ceiling a little bit lower. Ventilation system didn’t take a lot of space, but still we tried to expand the room by using light tones in the interior. This allowed us visually save the dimensions of the rooms without additional problems. Also we decided to use vented diffusers with lighting stripes. The conceptual difference between the interiors of each room of the apartment is 3D panels. In the living room-kitchen, bedroom, children’s room, in both bathrooms – everywhere we used decoration of the walls that attracts attention with its visual beauty and dimension. The general impression of the interior is laconism, lightness of atmosphere and huge space for living.