Beige BAR Object – lounge bar. Style – minimalism. Leitmotif of Beige BAR concept is creation of unique lounge zone, where you want to come back to catch some special feeling. The feeling of unhurried and pleasant stream of time. This bar – like capsule of harmony. And the guest could turn on the pause for his metropolis rhythm and fully relax after landing into that capsule of harmony. Design for this space was developed basing on a wish to create the atmosphere of tranquility, deliberateness and harmony. A wish to make definite atmosphere and unity of space is the main idea, which we took as base while developing design. Important element in performing of such task – color. We took beige as leading color and chocolate shade – as additional. Warmth and coziness were build due to many objects, elements and interior details. That was soft massive sofas and local lighting. Big lamps with soft yellow light help each guest to create his own hearth of warmth and coziness. For creating of needed atmosphere in the bar zone we used simple and effective method – drown the wall by dark and at the same time pleasantly enveloping chocolate color. By the way, laying of chocolate colored tiles on the wall reminds a gigantic chocolate bar. Also we emphasized the unity of space by using of equal forms in different elements/objects – look how similar are hexagonal tile and chandelier Loft, which look like honeycomb (the own product/manufacture/development of NLO Design). Besides the interior has some decorating accents – applique (picture/panel/architect drawing) in the form of tree, implementations from natural wood in wall covering. And designers’ chandeliers NLO Design – For Him as well.