D_project Object – apartment. Style – minimalism. The owner of this apartment is young ambitious bachelor. Our task was to make a low-key interior, which would become, figuratively speaking, the background for the person living in it. The best approached colors to perform this task were black and white. These colors are neutral and at the same time they are associated with the combination of yin and yang or with the alternation of colors on the chessboard. Also in this interior it was appropriate to maintain the laconic lines of different elements and interior design items. For example, narrow squared shapes, that repeat several times, catch the eye: it repeats in legs of bar stools, in the decoration of spotlights on the ceiling, in a glass on the door, on the speakers of the audio system. Certainly, functionality of the space was created according to the interests and needs of the bachelor. That’s why we equipped the dining area with big table and also equipped the bar area with the bar counter and bar stools. Therefore we installed the projector instead of a huge plasma TV and suggested using semi stationary modern audio system. The presence of two colors in the interior always complicates the task of designer, but at the same time it encourages the creation of new ideas during the decoration of the rooms. In order to save the selected color scheme of the interior, we picked white-black toned pieces of painting. In the entire apartment, including the bathroom, installed solid wooden flooring. By the way such flooring adds special coziness to bathroom.