K_project Object – apartment. Style – minimalism. Monochromaticism, geometry and laconism to the max – that was what a young couple of IT-specialists wanted from the interior of the apartment. In order to comply with their wish our studio has created an interior with prevalence of black, gray and white colors. In each room colors have its functional importance. In the kitchen we have successfully zoned the space by separating working area by coloring it in white and the dining area was colored in black. In the bedroom we used a lot of grey color in order to avoid eye-catching contrast of black and white. Grey 3D wall panel and the cover of the bed, which is for a couple of shades darker, gave the interior the feeling of softness. Form of 3D wall panel and the way bedhead was covered also add some “softness”. In the entire apartment ceiling lights were installed not without purpose – the owners wanted to see this technique been used in their apartment. It was a great pleasure for us to embody this conception and we tried to do the best in order to use the effects of light with glazed and light-reflecting surface. Laconicism and easiness of the interior was accomplished by using metal framed lamps/spotlights in the kitchen, in the living room, as well as by using the bookcase, which seems to float in the air. In the decoration of the interior were used such materials as marble, concrete, natural wood and gypsum.