w-house Object – duplex. Style – minimalism. Main color of interior – white. It was chosen not only as leading color, but as the notion base of this interior in general. The concept of design project foremost is built on the idea of white color to be leading, “to play first fiddle”. Other colors play in some kind of “color orchestra” around the white – in case to pay special attention to its domination. We especially emphasized white heliciform stairs by building of living green wall. This decision is also interesting because stairs and living green wall are two independent and self-contained objects, which attract attention separately from each other and at the same time they look still impressive in tandem. We should mention that living green wall could boast the status of ecologic installation in addition to its aesthetic attribute. It’s healthy interior decoration tool for the owners of flat. One more distinctive feature of this interior is the idea to make extremely laconic space, if talk about number of objects’ levels. As we see at visualization, all the wardrobes are built-in, that’s why you can have feeling that the storage space is a plurality of niches in the wall, hidden with doors. This feeling is preserved both in the kitchen area and the living room.