Loft Object – apartment. Style – loft/minimalism. Interior style of this flat contains mix of minimalism and loft. Our client wanted such style combination. We shared her interest and created wow-factor project. We decided to make much more homeful loft, if compare with the traditional loft interiors. We achieved this goal due to the typical industrial attributes by objects and elements colored in soft milky tints and due to smart lighting of all zones of apartment. Several wow-factors were input into design concept of interior: gradient wall painting, using textile (with the same gradient effect), using glossy surface and extraordinary wardrobe system. Gradient wall painting helped us to avoid space concealing, which usually happens if take dark tints of paint. In this case, uniform lightening of color from floor to wardrobe ceiling visually gives volume (expansion) and some airiness to space at the top. The same role is played by gradient on the textile for windows. Glossy sliding door leading from the sleeping area to the bathroom add a special coziness by reflecting light of floor lamps and gradient wall. You should pay separate attention to wardrobe zone, along the outer perimeter of which all areas are arranged consecutively – from the hall to the bathroom. Wardrobe in this interior seems like the core area on the entire apartment. Because dressing room is made in the form of a cube, which is located in the center of the whole area. And part of this cube is reserved for the kitchen area.