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Not Like other design – means continuing of Yourselves in lines, shapes, colors, textures, filling of your home, office, studio, restaurant or bar.

That’s why mission of NLO design – to embrace client’s mood, to capture a vibe and to re-establish in an interior not only his spoken desires, but intuitively measurable wishes as well. And therefore – to reflect inner world of an owner through design and atmosphere.


Ideologic conception of our mission is organically combined with entirely earthly and systemized items – we use precise consistency of implementation phases: from idea to the project completion.

Interior modelling, matching of objects, textures, materials, help choosing furniture, accessorizes, needed technical equipment, creation of team for repair work and all processes control + positive attitude and a little bit of magic – this is the way we work.    


Synergy of client’s individuality, our professionalism, experience and love of the beautiful = perfect space. Ambitiousness, innovativeness, open-mindedness, ability to transform, big area passion – your any trait will be emphasized by our design solution.

A house, an office or a restaurant can and should be a source of inspiration for its owner. This is exactly that result we are striving for and achieve everytime.