Not Like other design – it’s not only our creative credo, but it is philosophy of life as well.

NLO design is a collaboratory of artistic taste, technical expertise and analytical thinking.

We have an endless ideas flow and a strong desire to embody them while creating ergonomic, functional and stylish interiors.

We are the ones who renovate your space professionally and painlessly.

We will synchronize your desires, make free of doubts, take into account all your spiritual and physical needs and implement in an interior of your dream.

We will find the most experienced professionals for any process of location renewal.

Separate passion of our studio – object design.

This trand currently develops driven by Universe impulse. It means we don’t hold back yourselves in creativity, when an idea of some object appears. We just visualize item from imagination, model and manufacture it. 

Also at the client’s request we can create author’s sofa, table, lamp or anything else.

 If you feel we are on the same page, you want to embody your picture of design and you want to entrust us your location, than welcome to the NLO design Universe.